Trends 2023

Trends come and go, also those of fabrics and interiors. We continue to monitor these in order to respond where we can. Color trends, natural materials or special fabrics. We keep an eye on it all so you don't have to. Read here our three chosen trends that we think will have an impact.


The global crises of the moment make us return in 2023 to the fundamentals of life: sleep, nutrition, personal care, enrichment of the mind… Look around you, observe and get rid of everything superfluous. This focus on the essentials in life also translates into design, we opt for simplicity, sustainability and functionality.

Such simplicity is reflected in the choice of materials. We go back to clay, wood, enamel and sustainable fibers such as sisal, jute and hemp. We also opt for natural color tones or materials in their natural state, such as raw linen and cotton.

Within our collection, this will translate into earthy color tones as inspiration. Thyme green and rusty brown, as well as softer basics such as loamy beige and clayey greys.


Our touch is the sense that is increasingly being paid attention to. Textures and colors that invite you to feel and grip.

There may also be more texture in curtain fabrics. The woolly look of a bouclé design, the pure weave of a mesh fabric or the soft grain of linen textiles. It is the imperfections in the weave that show the artisanal value of a fabric.

Color trends

Nature-inspired greens have been very much in trend, and this will certainly be dormant until ’23. Although more often we see them mixed with blue tones. Inspired by rivers, lakes and seas, blue nuances are starting to stand out within the color palettes.

Within the red tones we see the brave 'Haute Red' popping up. Based on the sunset and tropical flowers. The sultry orange of '22 is still trendy. Together, these two shades form a powerful pallet of warm red glow.

Lila, and all its variants, were indispensable at the Design Fair in Milan. Sometimes loud, in combination with fuchsia and grass green, other times more modest in a pale lavender hue. Perhaps not a color for everyone's interior, but stylishly combined it can complete a picture.

The beige colors also remain popular. The combination of neutral tones together enhances our senses. It is these kinds of colors that are very applicable in (curtain) decoration because they can be combined so beautifully. These soft neutral tones bring peace and connection.

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