Launch ode

In September it finally happened. After several years of deliberation, choosing the perfect fabrics and creating a completely new branding, Boelaert & Moens launched its new brand, ode.

Ode is the gem within our company with a more exclusive collection. We lift both the fabrics and the total experience to a higher level. We designed the collection with the necessary attention and expertise for a luxurious look with attention to natural fabrics.

Ode is a brand focused on fabrics made from natural fibres, recycled polyester or a mix of natural and man-made fabrics, keeping the ecological aspect in mind as much as possible. This high-end brand supplies textured high-quality fabrics with an exclusive character.

Ode fabrics will bring peace to your interior. The warm earth and forest green tones in the color palette bring harmony to any home. By designing a natural palette, the ode fabrics fit into every home.

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