Do you spend hours scrolling on Pinterest and Instagram looking for the ideal interior? Then you have certainly experienced that the right curtains are part of a stylish and cozy interior. Curtains are the mood makers in a home.

In addition to a homely appearance, curtains also have a function. On sunny days they filter the bright light, on cold days they keep the heat inside and they provide the necessary privacy in your home.

Depending on the transparency of a fabric, you choose how the light enters your home. Do you want a net curtain or in-between fabric that still lets in a lot of light, or do you opt for a black-out curtain to shut out all the light. There is something for every room, interior and personality.

Types of suspension system

Not yet spoiled for choice from all possible options? Good, because we're not done yet! In addition to the color, fabric and transparency, you can also choose which type of hanging system you want for your curtains.

Hey Google, open the curtains in the living room. Do you dream of modern and luxurious curtains with electric controls? Curtains with a wave pleat are your ideal match. They fit perfectly in a very modern interior with high or wide windows and little space.

What is the wave?

With the wave pleat, a transparent wave band is stitched to the fabric at the top. The fabric hangs under the rail and is therefore convenient to use and easy to open. The curtain has uniform wave shapes, the depth of which you determine yourself.

Thanks to this method of assembly, the pleats keep the same wave shape and hang at the same distance. The package is not thick when the curtains are open, ideal if you don't have much space.

This confection method is easy to hang for all not so handy Harry's. And hang for all the pietjes - always exactly symmetrical.

Fold 5 times

Curtains with pleats come in all shapes and colours. From blackout curtains to net curtains and everything in between. We offer 5 different types of pleats that turn any type of fabric into a beautifully finished curtain.

1.      The single pleat
Thanks to this minimalist pleat in your curtain, they fall very nicely and you do not have an unnecessarily thick package. As a result, more than enough light comes in when the curtains are open. It is a professional, but budgetary confection method for your sleek interior!

2.      The double pleat
Ever heard of the butterfly fold or Flemish head? The double pleat is exactly the same and can be used with any type of fabric. This shape creates full curtains with a deep pleat.

3.      The triple pleat
Do you prefer very richly filled curtains? Choose the triple pleat method. This method uses a lot of fabric that falls generously in the fold. Ideal for thin fabrics and as an eye-catcher in your luxurious interior.

4.      The return pleat
If you have little space and you want a sleek look, choose the return pleat. This shape can be combined with a single and double pleat. Thanks to an alternating pleat at the front and back, the package becomes very minimal.

5.      The pleat
No need for open curtains, but do you need privacy? Do net curtains and inbetweens sound like music to your ears? Choose a flat pleat, you cannot slide this type of curtain open. The pleat ensures 3 layers of fabric on top of each other and an optimal pleat at the bottom.

Cozy loops

Do you attach importance to a simplistic style with the necessary warmth and charm? We recommend loop curtains. You can choose from an unpleated loop curtain or a loop curtain with a flat pleat.

1.      The unpleated loop curtain
Minimalist cosy, that is what typifies this type of curtain. The fabric, often linen, can slide smoothly on the rod. Loop curtains without pleats are not finished with a fleece tape. Only a siege of fabric is placed behind it. The height of the curtain includes the loops.

2.      The flat pleat loop curtain
Sometimes an interior doesn't need much. Loop curtains with a flat pleat are ideal for decoration in a minimalist interior with a corner. We provide the top with a flat pleat where the loops come out. This ensures that the curtain is not easy to slide open.

Popular curtain rings

Everyone recognizes the sound of iron rings sliding over an iron rod when curtains are opened. We guarantee that you already know this confection method. Weft ring curtains are therefore very popular.

Thanks to the suspension system, there is an equal forward and backward movement and the fabric always falls beautifully. With this method you can go in different directions in a cool and modern interior. You choose the color and size of the rings yourself, the larger the ring, the tougher the look.

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